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📆 S2KUK 2020 Calendar WINNERS! 🏆

Really pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 S2KUK Calendar competition!  The following pictures will feature in the 2020 calendar!

Ordering details for the calendar will be out soon!

Philippe Pfammatter with 49 Votes

Andy Williams with 43 Votes

John McCullough with 34 Votes

Jed Hamilton with 29 Votes

Scott Butler with 20 Votes

Stephen Brearley with 19 Votes

Andre Cordeiro with 17 Votes

Simon Lovegrove with 17 Votes

Andy Chester with 16 Votes

Johnny Sham with 15 Votes

Simon Bumpstead with 14 Viotes

Simon Penn with 14 Votes


Full list of votes below

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🏁🏆 Nominate S2KUK for the Classic & Sports Car Club Awards

Is S2KUK worthy of any #CSCClubAwards? If you think so, please nominate!

We'd love it if members felt the club worthy enough to be nominated for any of these awards!

The annual awards ceremony recognising classic car clubs’ incredible contribution to our hobby will be held on Friday 8 November – after the first day of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham.  The UK S2000 club will be attending the show and we need nominations to submit before the deadline of Friday 1st November.

We need to supply a brief explanation for the nomination along with photos and relevant documents.  If you think you can write a small piece on any of the categories below (there is a limit of 200 words) then please send them to   The club can help with the final wording and can assist with providing the photos if you don't have any.

  • Best Club Run/Rally
  • Best Club Show/Event
  • Best Club Website
  • Best Contribution to Charity
  • Lancaster Insurance Club Initiative of the Year
  • Young Enthusiast of the Year
  • Club Personality of the Year (the person who has done the most for a model, marque or club in the past 12 months)
  • Club of the Year

Full details of the awards here:

If you want to make a nomination yourself, use the link above and fill in the form by 11.59pm on Fri 1st Nov 2019.  If you do put us forward please use the full club name UK S2000 Owners Club (S2KUK).

Anyone is free to make a nomination! Whether you're an active club member, a club official or not.  

VOTE NOW! 2020 Calendar Competition

Voting is now open for the 2020 S2KUK Calendar!

It is highly recommended you click on the thumbnails to see the large versions.  Most images are done no justice by the thumbnails.  

Vote on your favourite 3 images.

Voting is ONLY available to paid up S2KUK Club Members - but that is almost 900 of you!  And you will need to login to vote.  (if you're not currently paid up you can follow these links to join or renew for the half year to 30th Aptil 2020 for just £10.50)

You can only vote once.  This will be monitored and anyone found to be attempting to vote multiple times will be disqualified from this and ALL future competitions and votes removed.

To see the entries and vote click here

Voting will close on Sunday 20th October at 12.00pm MIDDAY


As it is now October, half year memberships are available!  SO it is an ideal time to join if you've been thinking about it or not got round to it!

Half year membership is now open at just £10.50, running until 30th April 2020. 

Click here to join now.

📸 2020 Calendar Competition - DEADLINE EXTENDED


We will be producing another S2KUK Calendar for 2020, so get your best picture of the season out and, submit your photo entry by email!  

Please READ and FOLLOW the rules and instructions below ESPECIALLY the ones in red!  (You would not beleive how many people do not send a suitably sized file or haven't named it properly!! PLEASE HELP US! Laughing)



We all want to see great shots of the S2000, so we have standards for submissions.

  • Photos need to meet a minimum resolution for print purposes. That minimum is "high resolution" - at least 150 dpi, in tif, png, jpg formats. As a guide, photos should generally be AT LEAST 4-5 MB in size or more.
  • ONE ENTRY ONLY per person (so choose wisely) You may if you wish supercede your entry as many times as you want.
  • The photo could have been taken BY YOU any time.
  • You can obscure license plates if you wish.
  • Photos need to be cropped "loose" this is to avoid having some great submissions that we can’t use because the image was already cropped too tight to the S2000.  Try and leave some space around the S2000 so the image can be cropped to fit the calendar. 
  • No watermarks allowed.
  • Images must be work and family safe.

How to make a submission:

  • When you have a photo to submit, rename it with the following format:  "Real_Name.jpg" (YOUR ACTUAL NAME not  Real_Name.jpg! YES people do this!!)
  • Email them to:
  • Photos have to be emailed for entry. This is your tacit consent that they can be used in the calendar, and on the S2KUK website.
  • Submissions not following the criteria above will be rejected without notice so please follow the instructions! 

Submission deadline 5th OCTOBER 2019 at 23:59 Submissions will then be put on the S2KUK website for voting.

Submissions MUST be EMAILED and THE MIN SIZE and NAMED PROPERLY.   If they are not emailed, they are not entered.


  • Photos shouldn't just be "driveway" shots, no hose and bucket in the background. You need to be creative, artistic, and unique! At least find a scenic spot to take the pic!
  • Lots of people take the ubiquitous 1/4 front or 1/4 rear view, and we can only have so many similar poses in a calendar, so taking the time to do something different and interesting will count toward the submissions.
  • The calendar is not for profit, and stresses the love we have for our cars. 


By entering this calendar competition you are giving licence to S2KUK (UK S2000 Owners Club) to use your image for publication in the calendar and on the S2KUK website.  

IF YOU DO NOT OWN COPYRIGHT of the image - that is if YOU did not take the photograph it will not qualify for the competition. 

DO NOT ENTER WITH A PHOTO YOU DID NOT TAKE, as it can have serious consequences if it is published. 

By entering a photo to the competition you are agreeing to indemnify UK S2000 Owners Club against any action regarding copyright should you have entered a photo of which you do not own copyright.

S2KUK Charity Fundraising Update


Over the years the Club has raised a lot of money for charity.

The running grand total is £69,754

This is one aspect of the club that is often overlooked.  Here is a summary of what's been raised by members and donated to each nominated charity since the club was formed...

Year Charity Event  Amount 
2005/06 Cancer Research UK Megameet 1,2,3  £     2,377.52
2005/06 Community Action Nepal Megameet 1,2,3  £     2,377.52
2007/08 British Heart Foundation Megameet 5  £     2,805.12
2007/08 Cancer Research UK Megameet 5  £     2,805.12
2009 L'Aquila Earthquake Fund Euromeet 2009  £     5,668.00
2009 Medicin Sans Frontieres Euromeet 2009  £     5,668.00
2010 Joey Dunlop Foundation Megameet 6  £     2,288.00
2010 Macmillan Cancer Support Megameet 6  £     2,288.00
2010 Child Bereavement Charity BTCC 2010  £         200.00
2011 Rainbows hospice XM7  £         150.00
2011 British Red Cross, Honda Tsunami Appeal Megameet 7  £     3,370.00
2012 Hope Enterprises XM9  £         300.00
2012 RNLI Megameet 8  £     3,239.00
2013 Help for Heroes Megameet 9  £     2,707.25
2013 Cancer Research UK Megameet 9  £     2,707.25
2014 Macmillan Cancer Support Megameet 10  £     9,777.86
2015 Alzheimer's Society Megameet 11  £     2,513.75
2016 British Heart Foundation Megameet 12  £     2,033.25
2016 British Heart Foundation Megameet 13  £     1,777.99
2017 RNLI Megameet 14  £         424.73
2017 Diabetes UK Megameet 14  £         424.73
2017 Diabetes UK Megameet 15  £     3,145.27
2018 Chron's & Colitis UK Megameet 16  £     1,282.00
2018 Cancer Research UK Megameet 17  £     1,129.00
2018 Macmillan Cancer Support Megameet 17  £     1,129.00
2019 Red Cross International Euromeet 2019  £     3,582.82
2019 Save The Children Euromeet 2019  £     3,582.82

And by supported Charities:

Charity  Amount 
Macmillan Cancer Support  £  13,194.86
Cancer Research UK  £    9,018.89
British Heart Foundation  £    6,616.36
L'Aquila Earthquake Fund  £    5,668.00
Medicin Sans Frontieres  £    5,668.00
RNLI  £    3,663.73
Red Cross International  £    3,582.82
Save The Children  £    3,582.82
Diabetes UK  £    3,570.00
British Red Cross, Honda Tsunami Appeal  £    3,370.00
Help for Heroes  £    2,707.25
Alzheimer's Society  £    2,513.75
Community Action Nepal  £    2,377.52
Joey Dunlop Foundation  £    2,288.00
Chron's & Colitis UK  £    1,282.00
Hope Enterprises  £        300.00
Child Bereavement Charity  £        200.00
Rainbows hospice  £        150.00

🏆 Let's Win Some More Awards! 🏆

Let's win some more awards!

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is an event the club will be attending this year. Tickets are now on sale: 

The event is also a backdrop for the Classic & Sports Car Club Awards. S2KUK seems to be going from strength to strength and is now in regular attendance at many classic car events throughout the country. The club even won best club stand at Silverstone Classic in July!

We were nominated in the award for best Car Run (Norfolk Mega Meet) last year so we'd like to participate in the awards again this year and hopefully come away with some silverware. We're looking for enthusiastic people to put together our entries which are usually between 200 and 500 words. No writing experience necessary and the club can work with you to help craft and finalise the entry. 

2019 categories are expected to be announced in early October but it would be good to get some ideas going. Some of last years categories that would be relevant for the club were:

  • Club Personality of the Year (the person who has done the most for a model, marque or club over the past 12 months)
  • Best Contribution to Charity
  • Best Contribution by a Youngster
  • Club of the Year
  • Lancaster Insurance Club Initiative of the Year
  • Best Club Run/Rally
  • Best Club Show/Event
  • Best Club Website

Things like Euromeet, Silverstone Classic spring to mind but there loads of other local meets and events that reflect the social and diverse spirit of the club.

So let us know if you feel you can help out. Even if it just suggesting ideas in a category.  Send your entry ideas to 

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