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MEET REPORT: First Wirral Pub Meet

Words & Pictures by Jan Gower

Was I going to be the sole S2K at the 1st ever Wirral Meet at the Cottage Loaf?? I am glad to report Steve and Joao arrived to keep me company together with my friend Ann. As I have never done this before it was a huge learning curve. What do people talk about, yes I know cars and that is what we did.

Steve arrived first so we chewed over what we wanted from the meets, we had a few suggestions as well as ‘more meets’. We agreed that the north was a huge area to cover with one meet so we thought the Megameet is a fantastic idea. How do we get to show our cars off at shows and race meetings? Organising runs and that was were Joao came in. We discussed runs to Wales, further afield and locally in Liverpool.

Then the bonnets came up….. Joao told me to shut mine very quickly, and when I saw his and Steve’s I understood why. Steve and I learned a great deal from Joao, tyres, paintwork cleaning engines, interiors, I asked him to do mine, sadly he wasn’t having any of it. For our 1st Wirral Meet it was  low in numbers but the conversations we had took us till 9.40 before we decided we could no longer see very well in the dusk and we parted with a wave and a promise to do it all again next month, this time hopefully with a few more people!

The blue car is mine, Steve’s is the black and Joao’s is the silver.

Thanks for reading and if you live on the Wirral or surrounding areas please come and join us at our next meet same place on 9th August, starting at 7pm at The Cottage Loaf, Telegraph Rd, Thurstaston CH61 0JH



MEET REPORT: S2KUK Summer Picnic

A record 21 cars came out in the summer sun for the S2KUK Summer picnic at Harrold-Odell Country Park near Bedford.  It was a scorcher and a great opportunity for people to relax, chill out, kick tyres, eat food, drink and chat!    The summer is set to continue, so if anyone fancies having one up north or anywhere else, please get in touch and we can help arrange!

Pictures courtesy of Andy Sharp.


MEET REPORT: Japfest Donington 2018

Japfest took to Donington this weekend, and we welcomed 9 cars onto our stand (sould've been more had everyone known we were there!).  But a great selection of cars were on show.  Bartosz's ultra rare Monza Red really shone in the sunshine, Kyle's beautiful custom built Miami Blue (yep, that's a custom colour) with some seriously hard work gone in styling the bodywork himself which got the most photos; Simon's shining stock yellow, and Liam's 550bhp turbo'd monster to name just a few.  It was blisteringly hot so being next to the ice cream van and slush bar was a help!  Lots of great Japanese metal, traders and attractions along with the track action made for a great day, and we met quite a few new friends and members!  Welcome along guys and girls! 

Pictures below courtesy of Lewis at



MEET REPORT: Druids Run 2018

We ended June with the annual Druids Run

As well as the longest day Fish 'n' Chip run in Yorkshire, there was a celebration more southerly on 24th June, with the annual Druid's run.  Now in its 11th year, it was again an early start led by Simon with 6 others who got up at the crack of dawn for a 4.30am start from Rickmansworth.  As part of the "Druid" theme, the route followed "Britain's Oldest Road", known as "The Ridgeway" from Ivinghoe Beacon near Tring to Overton Hill near Avebury.  From there it was Stonehenge bound, with a lovely fry up from Friar Tuck's in Amesbury!

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MEET REPORT: Longest Day Fish 'n' Chip Run

What a genius idea Ian P had, with the Longest Day Fish 'n' Chip run to Whitby!  A lovely 100 mile drive, a lot more for some who travelled some distance to get there, not reaching home until 1am!  But all worth it for a great time and tasty Whitby Fish 'n' Chips.   The idea came about at the regular Yorkshire Pub meet in May!  Well done to Ian for getting things moving in Yorkshire!

Regular Pub Meets

We have regular pub meets all over the country.  Here's just two that caught our attention, Beds/Bucks being the second one and East Mids the first!  Check the calendars, there could be one near you, and if there isn't get in touch and we can set something up!


Organised by Ross, he innaugural East Midlands pub meet, which is now going to be a regular occurrence got off to a great start with 15 cars in attendance, plenty of variety, great chats and good food!   Look out for the regular events in the calendars, and if you're the other side, there is the West Mids meet too!

On the second Thursday of the month, attracting more cars every meet, with a fantastic offer of an "S2Kurry" bowl with rice and Naan for only a fiver!  Some great cars and banter was had in the sunshine at the Beds/Bucks, held in Heath & Reach near Leighton Buzzard, just round the corner from S2KUK HQ! 

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