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Review of RideDrive

Many thanks to Graham for this really well written review of his day with RideDrive.   If you'd like to check out what they have to offer, see the discounts section.

As part of the S2KUK Xmas raffle, I was fortunate enough to win several prizes including a full day RideDrive Advanced Driver Training voucher. This is a summary of the experience that I thoroughly recommend to all S2000 drivers:

After calling to book a date for the experience, I received an email from Roger, my instructor for the day, confirming a start location, my drive expectations, and also recommending obtaining a copy of ‘Roadcraft: The Essential Police Driver's Handbook’.

Book read, (the section on driver psychology is particularly interesting) and mobile numbers exchanged, I met Roger at 9am in a local carpark. After introductions, Roger clarified what I was hoping to get from the day, (best paraphrased as fast but safe road driving with a particular focus on overtaking). We buckled up and set off for a short evaluation drive.

I must admit I felt like like I was on a driving test initially and certainly did not drive as I would normally, but Roger was very relaxed and I soon relaxed and resorted to my typical, poor, driving style.

After 20 minutes, we pulled over and Roger provided some observations on my road positioning, braking and appropriate gearing, among other things. We decided to focus on road positioning and engaging lower gears more smoothly initially and set off through the South Downs, taking in some fun and fast roads.

Roger provided excellent tips, techniques and approaches to fast corning, always ensuring I understood ‘why’ as well as ‘how’. Very quickly it became obvious to me that I did not process a lot of information that was available on the roads, and Roger’s commentary really helped to drill this practice into me.

After an hour or so, we stopped at AAC Middle Wallop for a cuppa, review of the changes in driving style and general chitchat. Roger’s knowledge of the local roads was second to none, and his experiences training Police pursuit cars and bikes was evident and interesting.

We cracked on as the sun came out so of course, the roof came down. Heading west, we started ‘profiling’ drivers and anticipating actions as we took on some more challenging overtaking procedures. This was very educational but most of all, excellent fun.

We stopped for lunch at Compton Abbas Airfield, which was another great location and reviewed the morning’s work. At this point I was mentally quite tired, so I can see how the half day might be enough for some, (or maybe splitting the experience into two half days, which was an option).

But keen to continue putting my new skills to practice, we jumped back in car and headed north, taking in many fast roads and really ‘pushing on’, (with a big smile on my face most the time).

We finally got back to our start location around 4pm after an extensive and high speed drive around some of the south’s best roads, (many of which I was not aware of). We had a quick debrief about the day, my car, and discussed things to think about going forward before saying farewell.

Its now over a year since that day but I still employ many of the skills I picked up from Roger, which on several occasions have kept my S2000 out of a hedge! The event was a flexible and personalised road driving course with a top instructor, and a very practical alternative to pure track tuition. Thoroughly recommended!

Graham (cynicg)

Prestige Keep Moving Insurance View You as a Better Driver

I’m Tim from Prestige Car Clubs Insurance - - who are part of a very large organisation called The Allen & Allen Group Ltd.

 We have a fantastic car insurance scheme for car clubs and that is due to 4 things –

  • There are very few exclusions on the scheme! It starts at age 19, and includes all postcodes (including Northern Ireland), and all modifications (except nitrous).
  • The premiums have to be competitive. We have a higher take up rate than the norm and the fact that 25,000 quotes are done in the office each month shows that people are ringing us for a reason!
  • We have an excellent phone answering system! An overhead computer screen changes to red when a phone call is on hold, alerting both the manager and the Chief Executive! We have a great emphasis on answering calls.
  • We have an excellent Claims Accident Management company.

But the main reason we can offer this scheme to you is because people who are car club members are viewed by us as better drivers which allows us to offer cheaper premiums. This has been borne out statistically which makes S2KUK members a desired ‘niche’ for our insurance company. We want to attract you as a customer!

I will take an active part answering questions you may have about insurance. 

We are open Monday-Friday 9am-8pm and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

To find out more see the DISCOUNTS section of the website.

Introducing boot-bag

Introducing boot-bag to the UK S2000 Owners Club

Just what you need if you're planning a trip or a weekend away or maybe going to Le Mans this year?

We have the cost-effective way to carry more luggage in your convertible if you’re planning a trip with the roof down. We have the solution!

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