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Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE) 2012

A date for your diaries - 7-9th SEPTEMBER at WICKSTEED PARK

Our stand is booked and preparations underway for this massive annual event which is always well attended by S2KUK and every other Japanese Car Club in the land (and some from overseas!)

Full details of the event are on

Discounted club tickets will be up on sale soon, but for now see the thread on which includes a few pictures from last year.

For more info click below...

Why do we have it?

 This event is open to all Japanese car owners/groups from around the UK and beyond. This annual event is a great opportunity to meet other Japanese car owners in a relaxed, informal and pleasant gathering. 

Where? -  The venue is Wicksteed Park, which is the same place as JAE 2011 and 2010.  Wicksteed is a fantastic venue and has a lot to offer in addition to the planned JAE events/competitions the park also has the following:



* still to be confirmed for JAE 2012. 

The owners groups - From the higher spec 300ZX, GTR’s, MX5’s and Lexus, to the less flamboyant Starlets, Micra’s and Alto’s.  All are friendly, welcoming and more than happy to show you their cars and explain all about them, some of which are simply outstanding and a real honour to spend time looking at.

Events – The list of owners group competitions has not yet been confirmed for 2011, however based on last year events it’s fair to assume it will be similar to those list below:



Of course the points from all of these events go towards the best owners group competition during JAE, so more S2KUK members that sign up and offer there services/bodies/stomachs, the better our chances of being crowned top club (quite an accolade within the JAE).  
S2000 Stand

Without doubt the best organised and laid out group area of the show. The S2KUK stand is located close to all facilities and events, with power being supplied from the club stand, in addition the showers and toilets within a very close walking (or staggering) distance. The S2KUK tented area is situated within the clubs own ‘pitch’ which is nice to know you will be close to your pride and joy (albeit after several senior Tizers/wines/Absinths, you will probably be in no fit state to admire it!).

Food of course is a must, and again the club provide cooking facilities and some food stuffs, so everyone can get the chance (if they wish) to cremate breakfast, lunch and diner!  During the evenings (if you're still awake), the sounds of the resident S2KUK DJ always attract people in to the stand from all over JAE (mainly for the great music, and also watch in disbelief at the sustained level of horrific moves from the S2KUK dancers!).

Summary - Whether you’re a regular to JAE or a first-timer, all are welcome, everybody is willing to help each other and nothing is too much trouble. The JAE party atmosphere is definitely the main thread throughout weekend.  For the hyperactive amongst you, there is plenty to do, see and join in with.  Alternatively or you can just relax, kick back and join the serious socialites with a beer (or multiples of!) either way you will find it hard not to enjoy yourself.  After dark, the owner’s club parties really start as the music is ramped up (within reason…the law and all that!) plus a fantastic organised firework display on the Saturday night.

Convinced yet? - So if you ever thought about signing up for JAE but are unsure about what it entails, please rest assured it is one hell of a great weekend. Just ask anyone who has attended JAE before for their recommendations; they will all be 100% positive. And even if camping isn’t your thing – it is all part of the camaraderie of JAE, either way you will find it hard not to enjoy yourself.

So go ahead, put the date in your diary and await discounted ticket sales, you will not be disappointed. JAE is one event you will not wish to miss in 2012!


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