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At the Beginning

Paul Brookes set up back in late 1999 after he had owned his S2000 for a few months. Honda invited the first 50 Owners to the Goodwood Revival in September 1999 and this sowed the first seed of the UK S2000 Owners Club. The picture shows the first gathering at Honda's hospitality tent.

Paul enjoyed meeting the other owners and wanted to meet more, and do some track days. He also felt there was a need to have somewhere to store information about the car to help others. The 'club' was purely internet based and involved nothing more than registering as a user on the site, and using the forum there. Here's a shot of the Homepage:

S2KI Starts Up

In May/June 2000 after talking to Shelley Bond (HondaGal on the club became the UK Chapter of Things progressed, and in July 2000 the first UK Trackday was held near Abingdon, here is a traditional line up shot there:

In February 2001 the club forum moved to, thanks to Erik Peterson (cthree on This later became, the forum we all know and love today.

By July 2001 the UK forum had 190 registrants and it continued to grow. An official Owners club was considered but there wasn't enough support to make it work at the time. By about September 2001 when Paul's daughter came along S2KI was well established and he stopped work on


Since that time the forum and UK Community has grown exponentially. Pete Evans (Frenchie - formerly PWE 896) came along and introduced the concept of the "Supermeet".

Pete went on his first meet in October 2001. Tonky organised a meet in the Cotswolds, this was Pete's first meet in October 2001. Here's a picture of the atendees at that meet.

His second meet was in the south east, and by the time he had driven there and back there was less than half a day to be sociable and get to know the other owners, plus those who lived further away were out of the picture. So Pete thought "what if we had a meet that was reasonably easy for everyone to get to and that took place over a whole weekend with people arriving on Friday, leaving on Sunday and having a full day's drive out on some good, empty, twisty roads on the Saturday, followed by a dinner in our own dining room?" He floated the idea on the forum, and with that Supermeet 1 was born. SM1 was a great success, and so follows SM2. Here is a fantastic line up picture from SM1.

Meets became a more central part of the forum's activities, and Pete continued to organise Supermeets. All of these were in Shrewsbury and used local hotels, plus a nice drive in mid wales on the Saturday. Supermeet 3 was to be Pete's last Supermeet, as he and Jill moved to France shortly afterwards.

The Supermeet concept was continued and Supermeet 4 saw our first September Supermeet in the Lakes and Dales. Ade took up Pete's mantle as Supermeet Organiser, and has since ventured onto new grounds. Supermeet 5 "The French Connection" was a trip to France to visit Pete and Jill.

Ade continues to organise these, and the latest venture was Megameet 1! This was a huge success with 56 cars turning out for a weekend of driving and socialising. Megameet 2 followed again with over 50 cars, and breaking our charity raising record - raising over £3,000!

Becoming Official

As the Forum has grown, there have been a few times when people have wanted to create something official. "AquilaEagle", "Ade" and "Lurking Lawyer" got together, after Ian (AquilaEagle) had spoken to Paul a few times about starting up an official Owners club, which could have a public face. After putting the idea to them, and to the Forum, people seemed keen on the idea. After a few months hard work, with support from various forum members the UK S2000 Owners Club was born.

Membership was opened on August 30th 2004.


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